KETGATE Point-National Cluster Association from Czech Republic presented and actively participating in the workshop on “Digital technology in optics” held by the Czech Optical Cluster on 22 May 2019. The workshop focused on advanced metrology of Shack-Hartmann Sensors, holographic microscopy, optical systems simulation, reflection recognition and processing, optical production from unusual materials and diffraction optical structure for sensorics and communication. 

KETGATE representatives from National Cluster Association took an active part in the workshop "Digital technologies in optics" organized by Czech Optical Cluster on 22.05.2019 in Olomouc. KETGATE POINT presented and actively promoted KETGATE among SMEs, RTOs, and BSOs. During his presentation Jiří Herinek from NCA presented information on KETGATE network, how does it work, and also encourage the present SMEs to use services of KETGATE Point.