Decision Support System

The Decision Support System (DSS) for the Management of Historic Built Area is an interactive computer-based information system made by Guide-lines and ICT tool.  The DSS combines different parameters and specific heterogeneous data, to suggest criteria and actions for prevention, emergency situations, planning and maintenance in a generic HUA of CE region.

The DSS is conceived to help Public Administration officers which use the DSS to have a help in management activities of public and private interventions on HBA and it can have many different users. Anyone can be potentially interested in consulting it. Consequently, the users could be citizens, professionals, operators, PA technicians, associations, public or private organizations, etc.

It is expected that professionals and operators consult the DSS to extract information to use as the basis for their technical arguments and designs. Citizens and technicians will consult the platform for their personal interests, to stay informed, to express their opinion, to add data and share information. 

Click here to access the DSS Platform