Day of Europe in Dugo Selo

9 May 2018 | Dugo Selo (Croatia)

On 9th May Dugo Selo celebrated  „Day of Europe“ .  Every year they celebrate with specilal topic, this year focused on „Proud of our cultural heritage“.

Program of celebration has different presentations of cultural projects of Dugo Selo.
Children from kindergarten together with educators presented their project on old wells in Dugo Selo.
Children from primary scholl of Dugo Selo with their professors presented  handmade leaflets about cultural heritage in Dugo Selo.

Touris board of Dugo Selo presented new tourist  brochure about  Dugo Selo.
Project team of NPA presented NPA project. Special guest was Daniela Jelinčić, who works  Gap Analysis  for NPA project for Dugo Selo.

Daniela Jelinčić is very respectable and experienced scientists in field of cultural tourism in  Croatia and Europe and  she conducted a SWOT analysis workshop with LSP. Key representatives of LSP of Dugo Selo filled the questionnaires about strengs, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of  Saint Martin cultural heritage development in Dugo Selo.  They also sort activites according to relevance and suggest some new interesting ideas for future activities.

One new idea was virtual money of Saint Martin ( Saint Martin coin) that people get when they make good deeds. Through the social network, the local community would suggest who will be allocated money.

A glimpse into the future has enabled the 3D animation of the  future reconstruction of  the old church of Saint Martin in Dugo Selo ( on Martin's hill) made by young architect from Dugo Selo Ivan Foretić.

For the musical part of the program, the Music school and the Cultural artistic society “Preporod” were revived.