Dialogue on Overtourism and Responsible Tourism in Pontremoli, Italy

February 23rd 2019 - A Dialogue on the theme of Overtourism and Responsible Tourism, with speakers from National Parks and from all over Italy, was held at the Teatro della Rosa in Pontremoli.

The Dialogue day, organized by the cooperative Sigeric in collaboration with “Farfalle in Cammino” and “Fondazione Campus di Lucca" has addressed the issues of Overtourism and alternative solutions for Responsible Tourism.

Speakers included Corrado del Bò, professor of Ethics of Philosophy, Manuel Maiese, of the Centro Studi e Ricerca of Fondazione Campus. From the institutions side it was present Luca Natale, communications manager of the Cinque Terre National Park, and Giuseppe Vignali, director of the Appennino Tosco Emiliano National Park. The latter who have instead dealt with the direct experience of these organizations in the management of Overtourism and projects and experiences of Responsible Tourism, such as the CEETO Project and the recognition "I Care Appennino", also delivered to the same cooperative Sigeric for the School of Responsible Tourism that will start this summer.

Presentations at the Dialogue

Presentations at the Dialogue - Photo by Emilia Romagna Region

Experts and researchers were also involved, such as Daniela Campora, from AITR (Italian Association of Responsible Tourism), who discussed the importance of good media communication for the responsibility of tourists. Furthermore, Giulia Isetti and Anna Scuttari from EURAC in Bolzano, who presented the interventions to regulate car traffic along the Dolomite passes, Vittorio Gimigliano, architect, partner and founder of Officine Urbane, who dealt with the theme of Zoo-Cities and tourist crowding in the centers of attraction such as Venice and Florence. To end with, Andrea Ferraretto, journalist for "La Stampa", also participated in the dialogue and concluded the morning by giving references to the pleasure of travelling slowly-


Dialogue Agenda

In the afternoon, the activities moved to the "Pieve di Sorano" educational centre in Filattiera, for a "light walk" travelling comparison between the Pieve di Sorano and the ANPIL of the Fiume Magra.