Decision Support System for Planning of Natural (Small) Water Retention Measures - DSS

The application is created for people involved in planning water retention measures to mitigate the effects of drought, floods and surface contamination by biogenes.

The goal of the application is to familiarize the user with the catalog of Natural Small Water Retention Measures (NSWRM) and the planning process as well as to survey his preferences for his area of ​​interest. An additional function is to help the user in making a decision about the location and type of measure and to develop a report, based on which the user will be able to develop the concept and prepare the necessary permits for their implementation. An available set of data, tools, guidline and procedures (methods) enables the assessment of cost and efficiency of different combinations of NSWRM at the catchment scale.

The application is designed for users such as: governmental units dealing with the coordination of measures in the catchment, province or country; management boards of catchment areas, protected areas, communes, forest districts; non-governmental organizations and individual users.

The application is open source and was funded by INTERREG Central Europe project name FramWat “Framework for improving water balance and nutrient mitigation by applying small water retention measures“.