Social Entrepreneurship Conference 23rd March 2022 –

More than a hundred people from all over Central Europe attended the digital Social Entrepreneurship Conference 2022 – SUPPORTING THE ECONOMY OF POSITIVE CHANGE on March 23rd 2022. It was organized by CE Responsible and DelFin – two Interreg Central Europe projects that aim to support social entrepreneurship in remote rural regions, empower social businesses and connect entrepreneurs, institutions and policy makers with social entrepreneurs for powerful collaborations.

Through three thematic sessions the event has:
·   presented and promoted examples of support services for social entrepreneurship in Central Europe,
·   presented the tools and models of enhancing policy support of social innovation and entrepreneurship,
·   shown stories of successful social entrepreneurs and change makers, bringing positive impact to Central Europe regions.

After some introductory words by Anja Prislan, E-Zavod, lead partner CE RESPONSIBLE, and by Dana Günther, Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt, lead partner DelFin, more than ten experts, speakers and social entrepreneurs started sharing their knowledge and experience in the keynote sessions.

Session #1:
Development & support of responsible Entrepreneurship
Socially responsible enterprises, community services and support for social enterprise culture
1. Sara Teglia, Impronta Etica:  How to develop & support responsible business 

2. Beatrix Bedő, Impact HUB Budapest: Challenges in supporting social entrepreneurs in Hungary


3. Erdmuthe Klaer, Reves Network: The role of the social economy in tackling present and future challenges of remote rural areas

Session #2:
Enhancing policy support of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Tools and models of enhancing policy support of social innovation and entrepreneurship
1. Francesco Silvestri, Economia e Ecologia s.r.l: Framework model for support of social economy in CE regions

2. Madgalena Weiglhofer, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences: Measuring Social Impact – Approaches and Difficulties

3. Tamás István Szenttamási, IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of the Industry: DelFin Toolbox – Inspiration for policy makers and business support organizations

4. Dana Günther, Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt: DelFin’s Transnational Strategy and Regional Action Plans

Session #3:
Stories of Social Entrepreneurs & Change Makers
Stories of successful social entrepreneurs and change makers, bringing positive impact to Central Europe regions
CE Responsible social entrepreneurs’ stories:
Sonja Westphal, Sustify: explain.train.measure (Germany): Sustify is a measurable and scalable eLearning platform for factories. It offers courses on topics such as fire protection, occupational health and safety (OHS) and the basics of workers’ rights and obligations – a pre-requisite for an effective grievance mechanism.


Monika Tóthné Almássy, HospiEdu (Hungary): HospiEdu believes in the healing energy of learning and community and therefore provides face to face and online teaching in hospitals as a support during the whole rehabilitation period – with the help of a strong network of high schools, universities, hospitals, NGOs and corporate partners.


Luca della Rossa and Alessandra Biconne, Dispensa solidale (Italy): Dispense Solidali distributes surplus food to families in socially critical situations In addition to the recycling aspect, the main focus here is on the relationships that are built up through the daily delivery and that can help the families finding a way out of their difficult situations. The mission is to create a community that is able to take care of itself.



Video Project Courtyard at Koníček ommunity space at the Vodňany municipal library (Czech Republic):

Video Project BeRTA All in One Facade Greening (Austria):


DelFin social entrepreneurs’ stories:
Sven Heinitz, PiemonteBOX (Italy): When Sven Heinitz, who is originally from Germany, moved to Italy during his studies he felt in love with the Maira Valley in Piedmont – with his PiemonteBOX containing regional food and specialties he wants to distribute a piece of his homeland everywhere and attract tourists to the region.
Contact: +39 328 351 27 22, 

Robert Boehm, Perdix Creations (Germany): The core business of Perdix Creations is the development of software solutions for the social economy. Starting off with a training app for educators they have now also developed educational gaming applications elderly people and for museums and other cultural institutions, especially in rural regions.


We want the practices we have shown at the conference to become mainstream practices. Through collaboration we get closer to our common goal of positive change in the economy in Central Europe – and even if the projects are now ending, we were able to create a base for futher support and transformation. DelFin‘s Regional Action Plans provide an outlook to the intentions and ongoing further work within the involved regions after the formal end oft he project.