Italian stakeholder meetings

Italian partners had two stakeholder meetings. The firs one was on Febraury 14th,  when Finpiemonte  and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini met Mountain Union of Lanzo Valley  to present  Delfin project and to share the next steps for the development of Pilot Projects.  A great interest on Delfin project has been shown  and it has been suggested to focus on topics taken into consideration by the National Strategy for Internal Areas such as health , education and human capital training, mobility and local development 

The second one was held on February 20th, the italian tandem partners met the main stakeholders from Cuneo to discuss the implementation of Delfin Pilot projects. The meeting was very fruitful because it hilighted the importance of contacting the territory directly in order to support  social was also discussed the importance of promoting and enhancing the community cooperatives that, in Cuneo area, are growing fast.