Piloting new ideas in Germany

German tandem partners MITZ Merseburg and Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt have been running their needs-orientated pilot program since July 2020. More than fifteen participants had different starting situations among other related to business society, level of awareness etc. Therefore, the program is constantly adjusted via coaching, conversations, feedback etc. to their common (thematic trainings, workshops, networking etc.) and individual (coaching, one-on-one conversation, mentoring etc.) needs. This is very much needed since there are ten ideas, most of whom are hugely different from one another:

                                                                                                       #01 housing, community, culture
                                                                                                       #02 photography, leisure, inclusion
                                                                                                       #03 housing, community, team works
                                                                                                       #04 agriculture, delivery, foodstuffs
                                                                                                       #05 health care, education, gamification
                                                                                                       #06 meeting place, exchange, multi-generational
                                                                                                       #07 health care, housing, community
                                                                                                       #08 ICT, open government, inclusion
                                                                                                       #09 education, multiculturalism, inclusion
                                                                                                       #10 education, data security, supervision

For story to be even better, German tandem partners, service providers and stakeholders learn how to do better in future through mutual learning and experience sharing from different sectors, all pointed to one common goal - improvement of social entrepreneurship in Sachsen-Anhalt.

The second phase of the incubation process including the development of the/a busines model will be completed by the end of September. To be next up on the agenda is the implementation of the pilot program on financial issues and mentoring sessions after the midterm.

It will proceed as follows:

  • 29/09/2020 – end of 2nd program phase and pitch training/prototyping
  • 07/10/2020 – pilot visit, 1st round: exchange on regional pilot program
  • 22/10/2020 – midterm pilot workshop and pitch with our stakeholder
  • 26/10/2020 – beginning of 3 rd phase/program on financial issues
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