Social enterprises in focus: facts, needs, opportunities

Representatives of the European partner institutions of DelFin project could get acquainted with the activities of successful Hungarian social enterprises at a widespread international meeting, and they could also get a picture of the different challenges of the area, the forms of supports available and the tasks and results of the active national technical community.

The overall objective of the application (Development of Financial Ecosystems for the Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship in Rural Regions) running for 1 year and co-financed by the Interreg Central Europe Program and Hungary is to promote social entrepreneurship primarily in disadvantaged regions with the development of financial and funding systems.

In the first months the German, Italian, Croatian and Hungarian “double” partners (there are 2 institutions from each country, the Hungarian partners are Hajdú-Bihar County Government and IFKA Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd.) made their analyses presenting the situation in the topic, sought and involved the already existing social enterprises and the institutions helping their activities and providing national and local framework.

Common work provides an appropriate basis for the elaboration and development of a transnational toolbox (tools with financial and other support) that offers significant assistance for the more efficient and more effective promotion of partner regions’ social enterprises in the future.

The workshop on 25-26th February 2020 in Debrecen organised by the Hajdú-Bihar County Government was opened by Mr. Sándor Tasi, vice president of the General Assembly of Hajdú-Bihar County. On behalf of the project participants were welcomed by Ms. Claudia Zott, employee of the Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt, and by Ms. Judit Karácsonyi, on behalf of the Hajdú-Bihar Country Government.

Afterwards social enterprises of the county and other parts of the country were presented in detail, among others the results and work of Balmaz Tészta, Strázsa Tanya, Hajdú-Bihar County Enterprise Development Foundation and Badur Foundation. As for the activities assisting social enterprises, participants were informed about the opportunities offered by ERSTE Seeds and the University of Debrecen, and the planned agenda of DelFin Toolbox was also presented.

The event provided an excellent frame for mutually exchanging views and for discussions as well, contributing to the development of the toolbox.

Project work goes on; the agenda of next meeting in Croatia will be based on the partners’ pilot activities ensured by the toolbox.




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