Projects selected in Italian pilot

Italian tandem partners Finpiemonte and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini facilitated the stakeholder meeting to present the ten projects selected among 55 applications for the pilot program organised on September 29, 2020.

The meeting, articulated in many speeches, initially analyzed the topic of social needs of mountain areas and responses from the territory.

Critical issues faced by entrepreneurs in mountain areas have been highlighted and  actions to transform such critical issues into opportunities for the rebirth of the territories themselves have been presented.

An overview of all the applications received have been presented and it has shown that  the largest number of proposals was focused on the enhancement of local production, the rediscovery of the territory and sustainable tourism and the promotion of well-being.

It was then the turn of the real protagonists of the meeting: the projects.

The representatives of the ten selected projects had the opportunity to present their project idea to stakeholders.

The main needs that have been highlighted by the project representatives can be summarized mainly in the need for access to finance, stronger institutional support, creation of a network at local level that recognizes their work and the need to be recognized as actors for the creation of a more sustainable  economy.

Afterwards,  the different phases of the pilot program have also been illustrated: through frontal lessons, tutoring and mentoring activities, at least some project ideas will hopefully become social  enterprises.

In conclusion, the meeting showed that one of the key points for the development of rural areas is certainly the need for a strong local ecosystem that supports new ideas.

It is essential to encourage and facilitate collaboration and integration between the different stakeholders active in the territory in a perspective of integration between the public and private sector.

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