Design and Prototype Model Pilot Action 

Micro-working and social product development as a revolutionary process to design, create and manufacture innovative products.

From August-October 2020, the SYNERGY team is carrying out the Online Pilot Action "Design and Prototype Model" on the Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform (SCIP). This pilot action offers ideal opportunities to try out and learn from micro-working and social product development applications. 

Challenge Topic
HOUSE OF THE FUTURE: Call for development of a house ornament, object or piece of furniture with possibility of integration of advanced technologies (sensors, AI) that can help people with everyday activities and improve their quality of life. For the purpose of this pilot action, a printable 3D CAD model of a prototype needs to be developed, with description of the finalized solution.

Have a look at the challenge on SCIP and ideate your solution. With your research team you could win a voucher and a 3D printed gadget of your solution!  

What we Offer
The Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform (SCIP) was developed to raise awareness about alternative funding ways and to give organizations and individuals the chance to collaborate within its Crowd Innovation pilot actions. The participants have the possibility to test micro-working and social product development in a simple way via our Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform. The pilot action enables the micro-workers from the crowd to contribute with their own ideas to solve a specific challenge, to develop a new product model and design and to have it 3D-printed with a voucher if they win the action. 
Participate in this Pilot Action
Explore the challenge on the platform and elaborate a sketch or a first draft of your idea OR look at the possible solutions on SCIP and associate to one. Create a research team (at least 2 SCIP accounts) and contribute with your expertise at the development of a CAD model of the solution. Upload your final solution on SCIP, promote it online and collect as many “likes” as possible. The 3 best solutions will be awarded with a voucher based on the number of likes they will get!

The participant target groups in this pilot action are very diverse and may include representatives from SMEs, BSOs, high school students, university students and other stakeholders from the general public. 

SYNERGY Pilot Action Design and Prototype Model - How to Participate

SYNERGY Pilot Action Design and Prototype Model - How to Participate

Win A Voucher 
Each winning research team will get 10 plastic 3D printing gadgets of the proposed solution and a voucher. The voucher awarding will be based on the number of likes received by each research team (ranking):
  • 1st classified idea 1.250€ 
  • 2nd classified idea 1000€ 
  • 3rd classified idea 750€

The voucher is assigned to 1 person (team leader) within the research team. This person must ensure that the voucher is benefited from all the members of the research team. The vouchers can be used to buy for services or stationery and electronic devices (consumables).

Invitation Leaflet for Online Pilot Action "Design and Prototype Model": 
Invitation Pilot Action on Design and Prototype Model (English) 

Template for Solution Proposal: 
SYNERGY_Report Template_O.T4.8 (English) 
Contact Information: 
If you have any questions, you can contact us via the following e-mail address or via the communication functions on the platform