MaaS workshop in Graz promotes convenience in transport 

On June 30th 2020, the first workshop on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) with representatives of the City of Graz and members of the local MaaS-steering group took place successfully within the framework of the Dynaxibility4CE project. Stakeholders from the local MaaS-Steering Group in the Functional Urban Area (FUA) of Graz participated at the workshop. The session was moderated by the Cologne-based Dynaxibility partner 'Rupprecht Consult'.    

In 2019, the City of Graz established a multi-stakeholder-process to foster the local MaaS-implementation in the framework of the EU-funded project SOLEZ. Representative of the Steering Group took part at the workshop, including the City of Graz (Mobility planning department and EU-Unit), Holding Graz Public Transport Operator, Graz Energy Agency, Regional Management of the FUA Graz, the Government of Styria and the Styrian Public Transport Network.

The goal of the workshop was to develop, discuss and prioritise an incentivising strategy for the local MaaS-application that is constantly being developed. The focus was put on monetary and non-monetary incentive schemes to promote the use of MaaS-apps. Among others, examples of existing incentive schemes in European cities were presented.

Even though the meeting took place online, discussions were held in very interactive formats, which resulted in the development of two different scenarios for the implementation of incentive schemes in the FUA Graz. These schemes might include include elements of gamification or monetary benefits. Furthermore, possible community tools to promote the upcoming MaaS-app were discussed. Based on these results, an action plan on the incentives system for the MaaS app will be developed within the next months. 

Christian Nussmueller: Christian.nussmueller@stadt.graz.at
Head of EU-Unit, City of Graz

Find out more about the local MaaS concept in Graz (video in German – funded by SOLEZ project): https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=external&v=508034683057634