Start of sensor-based air quality network in Parma

 Enhancing air quality requires thorough testing of existing pollution levels. Thus, the Dynaxibility4CE partner city of Parma (IT) started the implementation of a high-resolution network to monitor air quality on 10 January 2022. 22 sensor-based devices were deployed in the urban area of Parma, as well as in the rural surroundings, to monitor various fractions of particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5 and PM1) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Dashboard depicting the deployed sensors in Parma

Dashboard depicting the deployed sensors in Parma

The aim of this activity is to map the most important pollutants for the characterization of air quality within the urban area of Parma. This mapping exercise can also draw conclusions on traffic flows and their impact of the air quality within the urban area of the Italian city in the Po Valley.

First, the sensor-based devices underwent a first calibration test, during which they were placed at a reference station of the regional air quality network managed by Arpae Emilia-Romagna. Afterwards, the first stage of deployment took place in the period between January 12th and 26th: in this period the 22 sensors were located in various points in the urban area of Parma, some of them characterised by heavy traffic (e.g. crossroads and roundabouts), some in residential areas and others in parks.

After this first stage, all the instruments were transferred to two reference stations in Parma to perform a control calibration. At the end, the sensor systems were relocated two new locations across the urban area for a second stage of deployment. Afterwards, the instruments returned for a second calibration test to ensure quality measurements of particulate matter and NO2.

Parallel to the field monitoring activities, a dashboard is being set up to show synoptically the data collected by the sensor-based devices.