Emission measurement devices to be deployed in Parma

Policy decisions can only be taken on a solid base of quantitative evidence. Thus, the Italian City of Parma, located in the Emilia-Romagna region, decided to deploy 28 sensor systems in the Functional Urban Area of the Italian city. The decision of the deployment locations is based on previous measurement campaigns and existing mobility plans.

The sensors, which monitor fine particles (PM1, PM2.5), PM10 and NO2, will be relocated every month to cover a wider measurement area without significantly higher investments. In order to secure proper measurements, two sensors will function as a control group. These solar-powered can-sized devices will be deployed and calibrated in 2021 and used during the test period between December and March 2022.

Overall, the City of Parma is confident to update the currently existing map that dates back to data from 2017. These measurements will also cater as a reality check whether or not the emission-reduction policies of the last several years were successful.

Parma Emission Map