Leipzig is extending its DRT offers

The ‘Flexa Rufbus Service’, as the demand responsive transport service is called in Leipzig, is experiencing growing popularity in Leipzig. The ‘Verkehrsbetriebe’ (transport company) of Leipzig is extending its DRT service into two neighbourhoods in Spring 2022. 

Flexa is enables citizens to book a seat in one of the several minibuses that operate in several suburban areas at the outskirts of Leipzig. The booking process is very inclusive, as it works by phone or through an app. After the confirmation of a successful booking process, the minibus is picking up the user at a virtual or a physical stop. Currently, 129 of those stops exist across the pilot area in the North of Leipzig. 


Flexa vehicles are also wheelchair accessible.

Thanks to its barrier-free buses, which are designed to imitate the famous ‘London Caps’, every citizen can reach their preferred destination. Thus, Flexa is a great addition to the existing public transport services, as it also operates from 4:30 AM until past midnight. Whether users have to take the morning shift or are coming back from the bar at night, Flexa is providing safe and eco-friendly services, as all vehicles are equipped with eco-friendly propulsion. Additionally, close monitoring of occupancy rates of bus lines led to the decision that Flexa replaced entire bus lines, which increases efficiency and reduces negative environmental impacts. 

Successes in the pilot area show that the majority of users are very pleased with the DRT system.