City Action Plans provide detailed overview of project results

Did you check read our ‘Lessons Learned’ brochure already and you would still like to learn more about local implementations of one or more of our dedicated cities? Then you should consider the action plans of our project cities of Budapest (HU), Graz (AT), Koprivnica (HR), Krakow (PL), Leipzig (DE), Parma (IT) and Stuttgart (DE). A list of links to each document with an overview can be found below.

Each action plan is restructured in a similar fashion, which includes an introduction, an overview of the local planning and policy framework, followed by an elaboration of the key results and findings, and an outline of the action plan. The document is concluded with a chapter on policy recommendations for low-carbon mobility planning in functional urban areas, as well as an overview of dissemination tasks that were performed by local authorities. Key results obviously depend on the focus topics of UVAR, CCAM and MaaS that were chosen by the respective city.

Stuttgart (DE): 
Action plan for the integration of autonomous on-demand ridesharing shutters into the public transport system in a peri-urban area.
Download here 

Koprivnica (HR): 
Action plan for MaaS implementation strategy in the FUA of Koprivnica.
Download here 

Budapest (HU): 
Action plan for BKK Budapest Centre for Transport
Download here

Graz (AT): 
Action plan for the MaaS implementation strategy in the Styrian Central Region 
Download here

Krakow (PL): 
Action plan for Functional Urban Area in Krakow 
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Parma (IT):
Action plan for Parma 
Download here

Leipzig (DE):
Action plan for the integration of on-demand ridesharing and adaption of highly automated driving in public transport of Leipzig 
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