‘Lessons learned brochure’ is the successful capstone of the Dynaxibility4CE project

The Dynaxibility4CE project had to overcome several hardships throughout its project duration between March 2020 until May 2022 as part of the 4th call of Interreg Central Europe. These challenges included the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the different progress levels that the participating cities of Budapest (HU), Graz (AT), Koprivnica (HR), Krakow (PL), Leipzig (DE), Parma (IT) and Stuttgart (DE) had.

Nevertheless, thanks to the dedication of each project city and the technical- and support partners of ARPAE, AustriaTech, Mobilissimus, Redmint, POLIS, as well as Rupprecht Consult as the project coordinator, the project achieved several significant milestones. These challenges and successes are summarized in a final lessons learned brochure


The brochure summarised the main achievements of Dynaxibility4CE related to the three topic guides for CCAM, MaaS and UVAR, as well the progress of the participating cities. The aim of the document is to provide a concise overview and create links to other Dynaxibility4CE deliverables. Furthermore, tools for low-carbon mobility planning, learning materials and briefings for Central European cities and beyond are described. Whenever possible, cross-references to other projects and documents are made, such as with the dedicated page on dissemination and learning materials.

Since the project results of the seven participating cities are well-documented, the brochure is only briefly highlighting the main messages and main lessons learned of each city. Both results are mostly related to the focus topics of each city. For example, Graz shared their implementation efforts related to CCAM and MaaS.