Smacker and Dynaxibility4CE cooperate to promote local DRT solutions

Dynaxibility4CE is organising a webinar on 10 February from 10-11AM, which focuses on local demand-responsive transport solutions (DRT). Thanks to the cooperation with the Smacker Project, local solutions from Leipzig, Budapest and Bologna will be presented. Prior to these local insights, an introduction to this trending topic will be provided by UITP. We invite you to register here.         

What is the Smacker project?
The EU-funded project, which operates in the Interreg CE framework, is focusing on promoting public transport and mobility services in more remote areas in Central Europe. Thus, it is tackling the challenge of inaccessibility of services, as well as poor communication and information between the PT operator and the user. Furthermore, several soft measures, such as behaviour change campaigns, as well as mobility service pilots will be used to identify and promote eco-friendly solutions for public transport in rural and peripheral areas to achieve more liveable and sustainable environments. Overall, PT integration should be fostered thanks to the cooperation between users and providers. Besides several other pilot cities, the joint webinar will highlight results from the cities of Budapest and Bologna, as well as their respective Functional Urban Areas. 

What will be offered during the webinar?
Our preliminary agenda for the 60 minute webinar will include an introductory keynote from UITP, the  'International Association of Public Transport'. Besides the previously mentioned examples from Smacker, Dynaxibility4CE will highlight a DRT study from a peri-urban area of Stuttgart (DE), as well as operating solutions in several suburbs of Leipzig (DE).


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