Centralisation of UVAR information started

Setting up urban vehicle access regulations is a lengthy process with various hurdles and challenges. Thus, cities would wish for an encompassing almanac of UVAR information. Even though various well-written guides, like the UVAR topic guide, do already exist, the Dynaxibility4CE project aims to add certain aspects to the publicly available information. 

The workshop
Thus, first steps have been taken by organising a well-attended workshop to review the UVAR topic guide, which took place mid-October. Thanks to a dedicated group of proactive participants, an initial list of additional topics was compiled. The compiled content showed that UVARs are evolving quickly since the publication of the topic guide in August 2019.

UVAR Mindmap

Mindmap of UVAR Workshop results

Besides the rather obvious additional content of the repercussions of the COVID-19 health crisis, additional items were mentioned such as; social inclusion, equity, accessibility to data and user-friendliness of UVAR information. The integration of the wider city, including municipalities or districts, which are not directly influenced by the creation of an UVAR, was another essential topic. These so-called 'functional urban areas', as well as the other items, will be further explained by using examples from the Dynaxibility partner cities and experts from other projects. Such extensive input will be used as a first starting point for the annex, which will be drafted throughout the duration of the Dynaxibility project. 

UVAR Workshop outcome

Outcome of brainstorming on a digital whiteboard

The webinar 
As part of the Mobilising Mobility Webinar Series of POLIS Network, Dynaxibility presented the above-stated outcomes of the workshop in a one-hour session on 27 October.You can find the recording of the entire webinar here.

UVAR Webinar

UVAR Webinar