Dynaxibility4CE was integral part of UVAR session at CIVITAS Forum '21 Aachen

Dynaxibility4CE was prominently featured during the 2021 edition of the CIVITAS Forum, which took place on the outskirts of the historic city center of Aachen. The German city and birthplace of Charlemagne greeted around 200 stakeholders from the wider CIVITAS community during one of the first post-pandemic mobility events in Europe. Besides an information stand at the shared exhibition space, Dynaxibility4CE was also represented in a session about urban vehicle access regulations.

Dynax stand at CIVITAS Forum

Daniel Franco (Rupprecht Consult) Laura Babio (Polis Network) and Nikolett Csörgö (Mobilissimus) presented DynaxibilityCE and EfficienCE

‘What’s the future of UVARs?’, this essential question was discussed during a dedicated 90min-long session about the increasingly popular tool to limit vehicle access in urban areas. Besides the involvement of Dynaxibility4CE, speakers from UVARBox, UVARExchange and CIVITAS ReVeAL showcased the latest developments during the 90min-long session, which was organised by Polis Network. The City of Krakow also showcased their efforts to extend the currently existing UVAR areas in the historic city center towards the outer rings of the Polish city.

Dynax presentation at CIVITAS Forum '21

The input of Dynaxibility4CE on the discussions focused on the importance of including the ‘functional urban area’ around the inner city into the UVAR planning framework. The presented information was based on the research for the upcoming publication of an annex to the existing UVAR Topic Guide. Besides the researched framework of the ‘functional urban area’, best practices from Central Europe and beyond, as well as a document library will be part of the deliverable, which will be published in Spring 2022.