Dynaxibility4CE continues CE SUMP Platform

A cooperation between the Dynaxibility4CE and the Low Carb project guarantees a continuation of the dedicated online knowledge repository for sustainable urban mobility plans for Central Europe – the sump-central.eu homepage. The platform will promote the sharing of news and updates concerning all relevant Dynaxibility4CE topics related to CCAM UVAR MaaS. 

What happens next after a project is completed successfully? 
Well, often all documents are submitted and remain on the servers of the dedicated project website until it is shut down a couple of years after the project’s completion. This often leads to loss of knowledge, which would have been relevant for future researchers, administrative entities, or other stakeholders – a specifically undesirable situation for regions like Central Europe, where sustainable urban mobility plans are on the rise. 

How can we counteract this brain drain? 
A multilingual website has been launched by our friends from the Low-Carb project, an activity that aims to increase the planning capacities of cities to transition to low-carbon mobility and transportation in Central Europe. The project, which is lead by the joint efforts of our Dynaxibility partners Leipzig and Rupprecht Consult, has launched a dedicated website for information about sustainable urban mobility plans: sump-central.eu.  

Why a dedicated SUMP page for Central Europe? 
Dynaxibility4CE and Low Carb partners realized that the network of SUMP experts is well-established on the national level in many of the Central European countries. Even though the beforementioned projects significantly support the exchange of these experts, a dedicated multilingual homepage can support the sharing of knowledge and best practices across potential language barriers. Furthermore, the page can support the work of the national SUMP contact points, which are supported by Dynaxibility partner Mobilissimus. Additionally, thanks to elaborate auto-translate features, the multi-lingual page is available in nine different Central European languages.  

But the Low Carb project has ended last year – what will happen now? 
Our Dynaxibility project has taken over the task from Low Carb by distributing the workload between Rupprecht Consult, who will take care of the technical updates of the homepage, as well as Mobilissimus and POLIS Network, who both support the page with regular updates.