Policy Conference:
Connecting Reformation Heritage in Central Europe

28.11.2017: 110 Participants gathered in Erfurt, Germany, to discuss Reformation as European Process

The Policy Conference celebrated and highlighted the transnational and diverse character of the Reformation across Europe and the value of its cultural heritage.

Starting with the European dimension of the Reformation by presentations on the Waldensians, Jan Hus, Primoz Trubar and Huldrych Zwingli in the morning, the focus switched to cultural heritage and European Cultural Routes in the afternoon. Presentations highlighted the meaning of cultural values for tourism, introduced the concept of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, pictured experiences from the existing Transnational Network Transromanica e. V. and showed possibilities for linkages with the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018.

On this basis ECRR and the future "Routes of Reformation" were presented including the revelation of the brand new corporate identity as well as voices on different motivations for joining the "Routes of Reformation".  In an ceremonial act 21 stakeholders signed a Declaration of Intent to realize the "Routes of Reformation".

In the evening the focus was widened again in the frame of a Panel Discussion on "Religion - Reformation - Society - Social values: The inter-religious Dialogue in Europe Nowadays" with prominent guests:
Bodo Ramelow, Thuringian Prime Minister
Aiman A. Mazyek, Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Cologne
Hermann Simon, former Director of the Center Judaicum in Berlin
Hubertus Staudacher, Commissary of the Bishopric of Erfurt for the relations with the Islamic community
Bishop Michael Bünker, General Secretary of the Association of Evangelical Churches in Europe (GEKE), Vienna

Synopses of the presentations:

From Movement to Church - The Waldensians and Reformations throughout Europe and Italy in the centuries

Jan Hus and the early phase of Reformation in Bohemia

The Reformation in Slovenia and its effects on the national identity and language

View on the European dimension of Reformation

Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe: A unique programme to connect heritage and tourism

The Establishment of a European Cultural Route of Reformation - Perspective of a Regional Association of Tourism and its Experience Regarding the Transnational Network Transromanica e.V.

The European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 and the Heritage of the Reformation  - Projects, Thoughts, and Suggestions


Speakers - Copyright CaTA

Signing stakeholders

Signing stakeholders - Copyright CaTA

The topic attracted a large audience

The topic attracted a large audience - Copyright CaTA

Project Partners are happy about the successful conference!

Project Partners are happy about the successful conference! - Copyright CaTA