European Mobility Week 2020 in Gdynia 


The City of Gdynia – together with Gdynia Trolleybus Transport Company (PKT) – organized a picnic and exhibition on Zawisza Czarny Square, which used to be a busy parking lot and has been temporarily changed into traffic-free, relaxation and leisure area. 

Visitors were surveyed whether they liked the new destination of the place and a vast majority of them replied with a positive answer. Visitors could also test cargo bikes and were generally being persuaded to alter their transport modes to more environment friendly and ecological once (public transport, trolleybuses especially, bikes, walking). 

The project EfficienCE had a stand where project leaflets as well as 3D models of trolleybuses (see HERE) were being distributed by PKT. The visitors were being informed about general and local aims of the project. 

Promoting EfficienCE in Gdynia

A link to a short film from the EMW picnic: 

Further information in Polish:,7717/europejski-tydzien-zrownowazonego-transportu-w-gdyni,552108