Get engaged in cocreation of energy policy of your town and be a carrier of the change!

2nd workshop with citizens of the Town of Prelog


Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd., MENEA in cooperation with the Town of Prelog and Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) has, on Thursday, April 22nd, organised and conducted 2nd workshop for interested citizens of Prelog named „Get engaged in cocreation of energy policy of your town and be a carrier of the change!“. The workshop has been organised within one of the activities of project ENES-CE - Collaboration between public bodies and citizen energy groups in implementing local energy strategies in Central Europe, and it is actually 5th workshop for citizens when taking into consideration all project activities.

The workshop has been implemented in the afternoon as an online event so that more interested citizens would be able to join. At the beginning, following greetings from organizers, Maja Bratko, senior project manager from MENEA presented to the participants ENES-CE project and its activities. Miroslav Hržić, economy advisor in the Town of Prelog presented the Town of Prelogs’ development vision also in the sector of energy by 2030 and beyond as well as measures and activities defined in newly developed SECAP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan) of Town of Prelog.

The rest of the workshop has been led by ZEZ, so Ms. Maja Katić presented the process of establishing citizen energy cooperative considering this is one of the main project activities and one such cooperative is planned to be established also in Prelog. To motivate citizens to cooperate, in the group work part of the workshop, they laid out their ideas and visions of functioning of the future citizen energy cooperative. Following this part, the conclusion was that there is a group of enthusiasts which are ready to work on establishing and functioning of the citizen energy cooperative and that there is a real need for one in their region.