Ideation and visualisation workshop of the ENES-CE project


On 17th of december 2019 the project partners from Pfaffenhofen held within the framework of the ENES-CE project an ideation and visualisation workshop. About 20 citizens followed the invitation and took part in a very vital discussion on citizens‘ based energy planning and the obstrucions for investments in renewable energy projects. One of the most important conclusions of this evening is, besides the common technic solutions which are state-of-the-art one needs a story teller who provides people with a good feeling in their decission towards sustainability.

Picture 1: During the workshop 3 moderators acted simultaneously. A main moderator directly in front of the workshop participants. Two further moderators who interactively supported the main moderator. This leads to a good discussion culture and often to good results. Ideation and visualisation workshop of the ENES-CE project. Dr. S. Brandmayr, Stadtwerke Pfaffenhofen (next to the banner) leads one part of the event.

Ideaton and visualisation workshop of ENES-Ce project