Klimawandel – Pfaffenhofen was tun? Bürgerwerkstatt am 13. Februar 2020

Pfaffenhofen, 20. April. 2020

In Pfaffenhofen by the river Ilm on the 13th of Februar 2020 the project partners from Pfaffenhofen participated in the event “climate change – Pfaffenhofen, what to do?”. At the event about 30 citizens discussed the effects of global climate change and developed possible measures against it at several workshop stations. Citizens got an insight into the results of the different climate analysis methods. These make it clear what changes and threats can be expected from various climate models and scenarios in Pfaffenhofen. 

Klimawandel – Pfaffenhofen

During the workshop Andreas Herschmann of the project partner BEG (moderator) held a lecture over the climate protection concept and the climateadaptionplan.