Memorandum Of Understanding for the local climate actions in Zugló


On Earth Day, as a closing act of the ENES-CE project, Municipality of Zugló signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the district's partner NGOs and businesses to further implement the district's sustainable energy and climate protection goals.  

Deputy Mayor Rebeka Szabó stressed that the Municipality of Zugló alone cannot effectively influence the local effects of climate change. Although more than 80% of people are aware of the problems caused by climate change and are willing to take action to improve the situation, they need help of organisations to give adequate responses to challenges.

According to the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, Zugló committed a 40% reduction in the CO2 emissions by 2030. To achieve the goals, the municipality needs the contribution of the local stakeholders: citizens organisations and businesses.

The initial goal of ENES-CE aimed to create an energy efficiency cooperative in the district. While the Hungarian regulation does not provide sufficient conditions for the legal entity, the Memorandum of Understanding is an expression of the organisations' commitment to continue working towards a climate-friendly Zugló.

Beyond the municipality, the agreement was signed by 6 NGOs and small local businesses, but it is open for further participants to join. 

Municipality in Slovenia going energy self-sufficient with renewables

Photo Credits: ZIM-Róbert Balogh