Photocells for every multi-flat buildings?


It can be an attractive investment to cover all the flat roofs with PV-cells and turn the unused areas to green powerplants. But how to be prepared for implementation? The Zugló team of ENES-CE project supports the local condominiums and housing associations to make good decisions.

Photocells for every multi-flat buildings?

Preparation, calculation, design: keys of successful investments (photo: flickr)

There is a huge energy potential on the flat roofs of Zugló: thetop levels of 4-10 storey buildings are perfect places for PVs, and the home owners are open for this kind of green investments

But there are other aspects to take in account: When will the invested money return in energy bills? What costs will come up to maintenance and loans? Is the roof in good enough condition?

The Zugló team of ENES-CE project initiated a dialogue with the leaders of housing communities about the topic. As a first step, the project partners measure the demands and feasibilities in multi-flat buildings.

The work will continue with targeted trainings for interested housing communities about technical, financial, and legal framework of PV-systems to help the group of owners making responsible decisions. 

The questionnaire for housing communities is available here in Hungarian