At the University near the black forest

Black forest, south of Germany!
We've been there for a Wood energy conference, the second project meeting and the first ENTRAIN training session... Busy days, busy brains!

Nov 27th - Wood energy conference organized by the University of applied forest sciences of Rottenburg, HEF (Holzenergie-Fachverband Baden-Württemberg) and PEE (Platform Erneuerbare Energien): thanks to a simultaneous translation into English, all partnerts were able to partecipate at the discussion on how to use wood and solar for the energy production. Some best practices from Denmark contributed to raise ambition on this field. "The money of the town needs to flow into the town" is one of the strongholds to bear in mind, as well as remembering that only public partecipation from the beginning can lead to the acceptance of a project.
It was a perfect opportunity to present the ENTRAIN project and partners to the public in one of its target regions, Neckar-Alb. Businesses, municipalities, research institutions as well as students from the university attended the event.
Four workshops on solar-thermal plants, wood energy plants and renewable heat planning -  alongside an exhibition - enriched the conference.

Speakers: Prof. Ing. Harald Thorwarth (HEF), Rektor Prof. Bastian Kaiser, Jörg Dürr-Pucher (Plattform Erneuerbare Energien BW), Ing. Thomas Pauschinger (Solites), Dr. Dirk Seidermann (RVNA), Ing. Stefan Maier (VYNCKE Clean Energy Technology), Frank-Michael Uhle (Klimaschutzmanager Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis), Chiara Lazzari (Ambiente Italia).

Nov 28th - second project meeting: we've run through what has been done so far and the next steps that we're going to take... An evaluation of heat potential in our target regions (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Kontinentalna Hrvatska, Mazowieckie, Neckar-Alb, Vzhodna Slovenija)  is waiting for us!

Nov 29th - first traning session: our partners AEE Intec, EASt and Solites taught us important lessons and gave us suggestions on biomass district heating and how to best achieve it through a QM Holzheizwerke certification. The information gained at this "train the trainers" session will be the basis on which to build the first local tranings!

Guest: Jörg Dürr-Pucher (Solarcomplex AG)

Rottenburg collage