Energy transition days Baden-Württemberg

Our German partners invited citizens and decision makers to celebrate 16 pilot projects in the target region Neckar-Alb in BadenWürttemberg during the Energiewendetage, on 18-19 September!

Day 1: Promotional videos + exhibition at the Kastanienhof

RVNA regional event

The weekend of 18th-19th of September we celebrated the Energy transition days of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. RVNA - Regionalverband Neckar-Alb organised the event in the pilot project site of the Kastanienhof, Bodelshausen, settig up also a big market with all their regional producers to attract a big audience. The exhibition of all the pilot projects and the premiere of the brand new promotional videos about three of the pilot projects (one for each district) were the core of the event.
On the 18th of september we had the last RSAG-meeting combined with the meeting of the representatives of the pilot projects to improve the network of the local actors. After lunch the big opening of the Energy transition days began with speeches of the district administrator and the rector of the University of Rottenburg. In the audience you could find many representatives of politics, majors, district administrators up to the federal government commissioner Widman-Mauz.

Day 2: Kids programme - Town of the future

RVNA regional event - day2

On the 19th there were more public visitors leading to a great exchange and interesting discussions. Besides there were presentations of the biochar-solution of Kastanienhof, explaining the production, function and advantages of biochar - especially the CO2-reduction in the soil.
Energy transition also has to start from buttom-up - therefore an energetic kids programm with a "town of the future" game, painting competition, seedball-production and handcrafting wind mills brought the kids the energy saving ideas closer and allowed the parents extra time in the exhibition.

regea ECO-SPA2

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