The Enlarged Transfer Programme

SULPiTER developed an Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP) to train up to 20 non-partner authorities working on freight transport and logistics in Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) to improve their understanding and skills in policy making for urban energy efficient freight in a mutual learning process. The participants who enrolled in the ETP came from Italy, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Portugal and Hungary.  The training programme consisted of 2 virtual meetings, 2 webinars and one extra training session offered during the SULPiTER Final Conference. During the trainings, participants commited to drafting an action plan as a basis for the future elaboration of their own SULP., which were presented during the SULPiTER Final Conference in Bologna on 14 May. The best Action Plan in urban freight mobility planning was symbolically confered the SULPiTER award at the final award ceremony.

The 1st webinar of the ETP provides a general introduction to the project with the aim to give the tools, methodologies and resources to understand freight transport& logistics impacts in CE FUAs; foster the tool application outside the SULPiTER partnership and improve skills of policy makers of CE in assessing FUAs freight transport needs; identify challenges, approaches and strategies for urban freight mobility planing in FUAs to contribute to the definition of long term strategies.

The 2nd webinar of the ETP introduces the basic tools, methodologies, and training resources regarding the development of human resources skills in FUAs mobility planning, transnational cooperation platform and education model for FUA freight mobility planing and the template for the development of a SULP document based on the EC ELTIS guidelines.

After a successful training, the SULPITER Award has been attributed to Maria Matusiewicz from the University of Gdansk on 14 May 2019 for the best action plan for the development of a SULP based on SULPiTER methodology!