Medvednica Nature Park at the EU funds Fair, Croatia

March 30th, Bjelovar, Croatia - A series of informative and educational events were organized around Croatia to inform about EU funding possibilities and promote some EU funded successful project examples.

The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, together with other state EU funds management and controlling agencies, have organised several informative and educational events around Croatia in what is known as the EU Funds Fair.

One of these events was held last Saturday, March 30th 2019, in the Auction Hall of the Bjelovar Fair (Gudovac Fair, Croatia) in order to inform the wider public about the possibilities and capabilities of EU funding and to present some of the most successful projects funded by them. Nature Park Medvednica has been pointed out as one of the EU funds beneficiaries, presenting three projects which are currently being implemented.


Medvednica stand at the EU Funds Fair - Photo by Nature Park Medvednica

 The first one is Improving the Visitor Capacity for Sustainable Management of the Medvednica Nature Park (KK. This project foresees the renovation of the medieval castle Medvedgrad and the improvement of the visitors’ infrastructure in the Park. Inside the castle, a visitor centre will be established giving visitors the opportunity to learn all about this Park’s natural and cultural values as well as to discover the history of this beautiful castle.

The second project SINCERE – Spurring INnovations for Forest Ecosystems SERvices in Europe, Encouraging Innovation in Forest Ecosystem Services is focused on research and innovation, specifically on the  ecosystem services and benefits that the forests provides to society. Within it, novel policies and new business models by connecting knowledge and expertise from practise, science and policy will be developed.

To end with, Medvednica Nature Park is a partner institution in CEETO - Central Europe Eco Tourism: tools for nature protection and, likewise, a CEETO Pilot Protected Areas were innovative sustainable tourism management models will be tested. Within this project, Nature Park Medvednica will develop tools for managing visitor flows and research the impact that the ski centre has on nature in order to get a better knowledge that helps improving its management.


Get further information on Nature Park Medvednica´s webpage or watch the short teaser above with information about the Park´s natural values and touristic challenges that will be tackled within CEETO project implementation.