Industrial Culture 'Say what'?

Establishing and promoting the concept of Industrial Europe

Acknowledging the novelty of the concept, Industrial Culture itself was in the focus of this work package. All partners engaged to jointly work out the idea of Industrial Culture, adapt it to regional contexts, promote it towards the stakeholders and anchor it strategically on different spatial levels. Due to its basic character, T1 served as synoptic work package for all others. 

The WP was implemented in 4 phases:

  • Outlining the fundaments of Industrial Culture via a comparative analysis
  • Transnational and regional stakeholder discourses
  • Strategic interventions based on analyses and tested measure
  • Quality management, evalutation and capitalization

There are three outputs:

  • Regional Strategies
  • A Transnational Strategy
  • A CE Network of Regional Coordinators carrying out Industrial Culture after the project end

Methodologically this Work Package acquainted partners with:

  • Appreciative Inquiry (AI): this approach facilitates change by focusing on existing strengths instead of deficit analyses. Especially for promoting the novel InduCult2.0 concept, AI comes in handy.
  • Learning Network (LN): LNs are laid out as peering systems of equals; all partners act as donators and recipients of knowledge. The non-hierarchic structure will activate partners.