Experience from Mazovia

A working meeting (study trip) in Modena as part of the RUMOBIL project

As part of the next stage of the RUMOBIL project, a delegation of the Mazowieckie Voivodship together with the representative of Mazowieckie Railways ("Koleje Mazowieckie - KM") took part in a study trip to the Italian Modena at the aMO project partner.

"Prontobus" - how does it work?

The "Prontobus" project is to integrate Modena municipal and suburban public transport. Through the application for mobile devices, the user can book a bus ride on the route they have specified.

The traveler each time receives a confirmation of the booking or information about the lack of possibility to travel. Reservations can be made no later than 60 minutes before the planned departure of the bus. "Prontobus" is a service available for occasional travel, with special regard to the needs of seniors, who can easily order a ride with a guarantee of a sitting position, going for example to visit a doctor or local government.

"Call center" - project management center

During the study visit, a delegation from Mazovia visited the Call Center, where, among other things, reservations made by passengers for "Prontobus" travel are handled. Having downloaded the "Prontobus" application and registering in the system, the delegation had the opportunity to test the project, as well as to carry out an exemplary travel booking.

The pilot project implemented by aMO is helpful in planning the trip and organization of transports carried out through the "Prontobusa". 

Published also at: https://www.mazovia.pl/transport-publiczny/rumobil/art,9,robocze-spotkanie-w-modenie-w-ramach-projektu-rumobil.html

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