16th September 2020, Online

Great success for the FINAL EVENT of FIRECE project on 16th September 2020.

More than 130 participants from all the countries of Central Europe Area registered to the event, which was attended by an average of 90 participants.

The audience included, among others, public local institutions, banks, universities and research organizations connecting from Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czeck Republic, Croatia and also Belgium and Netherlands.

Relevant results achieved by the partnership were presented, focusing in particular on Guidelines to implement financial instruments, the tool to assess public investments addressed to support industries, examples of innovative financial instruments, the results of the assessment of local public investments and a promotional video.

In addition, Joint secretariat representative presented the INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE 2021-2027 opportunities for cooperation.

FIRECE presentation

The Presentations of the FINAL EVENT are now available and the download is for free!

Where can you find these files?

Click on the FIRECE website button "Documents and Publications". Afterwards you will be guided to the files.

FIRECE presentation

Or click on the "Links" below and get directly to the files:

  1. FIRECE Project Presentation
  2. Presentation of the Guidline to implement Financial Instruments
  3. Presentation of the Tool to assess public investments addressed to low-carbon transition
  4. Examples of Innovative Financial Instruments developed with FIRECE Project
  5. Analysis of some public investments addressed to support industry low carbon transition
  6. Partners Experience Presentation
    PP1 - CCIA DL
    PP2 - NEUeV
    PP3 - RER
    PP4 - STRIA
    PP5 - FB
    PP6 - Fraunhofer
    PP7 - ARLEG
    PP8 - Lubelskie
    PP9 - IRENA
    PP10 - ENVIROS
  7. Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 2021-27 - Future opportunities of cooperation