FIRECE Final Event - Greener SME's for a more sustainable world (22.09.2020)

Regional Final Event arranged by RER (22.09.2020)

Local Coffee Workshop by RER (22.09.2020)

Local Seminar by RER (22.09.2020)

FIRECE Programme and Project Level Tool (15.09.2020)

FIRECE at Virtual Science Days (10.09.2020)

FIRECE at Cluster Event "Kamingespräch" (10.09.2020)

Sustainability Accounting and Reporting 2020 (08.09.2020)

Final Event (08.09.2020)

Local Coffee Workshop - Croatia (19.08.2020)

Local Seminar to promote FIRECE plan and the Training contents - Croatia (19.08.2020)

FIRECE participation at MIK-21, the 1st National Scientific Conference in Poland (17.08.2020)

Innovative Financial Instruments to support Industrial Investment in Energy Effiency (22.07.2020)

Local Seminar - Online Actions and Training Opportunities (22.07.2020)

Financial instruments to adress the COVID-19 crisis (27.05.2020)

Evaluation of innovative financial instruments for SMEs to finance energy effiency measures (18.05.2020)

EU Member States should improve investment into low-carbon transition (11.05.2020)

Electricity generated by RES trough Power Purchase Agreements (29.04.2020)

FIRECE goals in line with the EU Green Taxonomy (29.04.2020)

Training Course for Coordinators and Public Operators (27.04.2020)

Forschung Burgenland at WSED (24.03.2020)

World Sustainable Energy Days 2020 (19.02.2020)

Forum for SMEs (06.02.2020)

FIRECE at Energy Fair Energetics (16.12.2019)

ENVIETECH 2019 (03.12.2019)

Transnational Event (27.11.2019)

TC&SC Meeting in Pinkafeld (27.11.2019)

Stakeholder Meeting in Budapest (26.11.2019)

Expert Discussion, Germany (26.11.2019)

FIRECE at ECOMONDO (19.11.2019)

FIRECE Transnational Event: E-Nova is around the corner (19.11.2019)

FIRECE: Conference "New Opportunities for SMEs" (19.11.2019)

ENVIETECH 2019 in Vienna (19.11.2019)

FIRECE partner Lubelskie participates at Energy Fair Energetics (19.11.2019)

FIRECE at conference "New Opportunities for SMEs" organized by the Legnica Special Economic Zone" (31.10.2019)

Expert discussion on financing resource efficiency investments in companies (29.10.2019)

FIRECE Transnational Event at e-nova 2019 (22.10.2019)

FIRECE at Interreg Europe project SUPPORT in Istria (27.-28.06.2019)

Technical & Steering Committee Meeting and visit at EU Sustainable Energy Week (19.-20.06.2019)

EUSEW19 Policy Conference on shaping Europe's energy future (18.-21.06.2019)

Conference - Financing opportunities for companies and the FIRECE Project (30.04.2019)

Steering & Technical Committee Meeting, Pula (07.03.2019)

Seven steps to effective ex-ante assessments for ESIF financial instruments (27.02.2019)

fi-compass report of workshop - FIRECE project, 17-18 January 2019, Brussels (07.02.2019)

Investment Plan for Europe: EU bank and CMZRB join forces to support the energy efficiency of buildings in the Czech Republic (04.02.2020)

Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Pécs, Hungary (30.01.2019)

Train the trainers course, Brussels (17.01.2019)

Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Lublin, Poland (14.12.2018)

Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Labin - Croatia (14.12.2018)

Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Prague - Czech Republic (12.12.2018)

Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Bologna - Italy (29.11.2018)

Review to steering committee meeting and study visits in Budapest (27.09.2018)