FIRECE at Energy Fair Energetics

19th - 21th November

On November 20, 2019, during the ENERGETICS 2019 Energy Fair, a seminar of the Lublin Ecoenergetic Cluster entitled "Together for energy independence at the local level", which was attended by over 180 people, including: entrepreneurs, representatives of local government units, universities, scientific and research units, business environment institutions, media and students, high school students.

The seminar was organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Lublin Region, the Coordinator of the Lublin Ecoenergetic Cluster and the Institute of Cultivation, Fertilization and Soil Science - National Research Institute in Puławy (IUNG) in cooperation with Cluster Partners. The organization of the seminar was co-financed by the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under the BioReg project implemented by IUNG. The seminar participants got acquainted with issues related to renewable energy and improving energy efficiency, in particular measures to increase energy independence at the local level.

The FIRECE project was presented by the Head of the Department of European Territorial Cooperation in the Department of Strategy and Development of the Marshal's Office of the Lublin Province - Mrs. Agata Kossakowska. The presentation was entitled: "Cooperation in support of renewable energy in Interreg projects" and concerned several implemented projects, in particular the FIRECE project targeted at SMEs.

The representative of the Marshal's Office provided brief information about the Interreg Central Europe program, about all projects that are being carried out by the Office under this framework. Particular attention is paid to the FIRECE project, because the majority of participants gathered are representatives of enterprises, in addition representing the energy industry and operating in the field of renewable energy sources.