FabLabNet Pilot Actions

Three Pilot Actions are under implementation in order to promote the key role of FabLabs in innovation within Communities, Business, Education.

Designed at European level, the three Pilot Actions are implemented locally.

Pilot 1:  Connecting to Communities

In the pilot action 1 a mixed community of companies, makers and institutions will be called around the fablab to define and try to explore local issues by producing a set of prototypes through a mentoring program. The final result of this pilot will be the activation of a set of local innovation ecosystems that, by co-designing and co-developing a set of technological solutions to local issues, will demonstrate the networking and community creation capacity of the fablab.

The Pilot Action 1 is implemented by Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia.

Pilot 2:  Connecting to Business

During pilot 2, instead, the same prototypes plus other within central europe network of developers will be collected through an international call for prototypes in order make them mentored through a program which goal is to bring technical solutions for local issues (also developed within a FabLab) to be able to compete on the Central European Market for makers through a bottom up development process. 

The Pilot Action 2 is implemented by Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany.

Pilot 3:  Connecting to Education

During pilot 3 will be set up the foundations of the European School of Makers which will integrate and offer to a wide community of stakeholders (within communities of makers, schools, institutions and companies) a set of learning modules, based on fablab know-how on digital fabrication and the knowledge acquired and developed through pilot 1 and 2

The Pilot Action 3 is implemented by Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia.