March 2022

Final conference
On March 24th the final congress of CereDee took place in Porzellanikon, Selb. In this two-part congress, the first half started with a press conference transitioning into a general conference with workshops for stakeholders.

One of the main outcomes of this project is the launching of the digital platform Ceramics in Europe which aims to develop a unique network amongst ceramists, knowledge institutes, SMEs, regions, and museums of Europe. The website can be accessed here

The final conference workshop basically talks about this platform as an info portal for ceramics. It is held in hybrid formation where partners The following names are the speakers from CerDee respective partners:
1. Monica Gori, International Ceramic Museum in Faenza (MIC Faenza)
2. Univ. Prof. H. S. Moritsch & A. M. Hoke, New Design University Privatuniversiät St. Pölten
3. S. Rudolf, National Museum of Slovenia
4. Nigar Zahan, Technische Universität Ilmenau (TUI)
Final conference