Finalizing of the third workshop series in Burgenland!

The third series of workshops in Burgenland was also held online due to Covid-19.
The events in the three regions took place on February 23, 24, and 25, 2021. At the individual meetings, the participants work simultaneously with three different tools (Zoom, Miro, Trello).
Concrete work was done on the projects. The project ideas developed in the series of workshops before are taking more and more shape.
In the evaluation phase of the workshops, all projects are online on Trello and evaluated together with all other countries. Afterwards the trainig sessions will start. After this Training the projects should be ready to going to market. The project participants will get a unique form of project support and new experience.   
The next project coachings will start in April 2021.

Dates of the project coaching sessions:
13.04.2021, Raiding
14.04.2021, Güssing
15.04.2021, Schattendorf
We kindly ask you to reserve these dates.