First Annual CROSTO Observatory Conference held in Zagreb

November 29th 2018 - WWF Adria participated at the First Annual CROSTO Observatory Conference "Measuring Sustainability of Tourism in Practice" held in Zagreb, Croatia.

In order to emphasize the necessity of measuring sustainability in practice at all levels in tourism, the conference brought together more than one hundred and twenty participants from twenty countries and a large number of domestic and foreign experts. The participants discussed sustainability indicators in theory and in practice, establishing the limits of growth and the importance of implementing a sustainable tourism monitoring system. The opening ceremony was attended by the Assistant Minister of Environment and Energy Igor Kreitmeyer, the Director of the State Statistical Office, Marko Krištof, and the Director of the Institute for Tourism Damir Krešić.

In this occasion, the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli emphasized the importance of tourism development based on sustainability, accountability and quality: "Today is an opportunity to remind everyone that sustainability is not just ˝green˝ business.  It is sustainability and a responsible management of all processes in a destination what will, through reduction of seasonality and better employment, ultimately contribute to preserve the heritage and bring greater socio-economic benefits to local communities, but also wider.˝ Also, all panellists concluded that the success of measuring tourism sustainability as the basis for an effective tourism management is a result of the continuous collaboration of all stakeholders in the process.

CROSTO Conference 2018

CROSTO Conference 2018 - Photo by WWF Adria

CROSTO is a joint observatory of sustainable tourism development of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and the Institute for Tourism, which was established in 2016, within which the development of tourism and its economic, environmental, spatial and social effects are monitored through the implementation of the European Tourism Indicators System developed by ETIS European Commission. More information on sustainable tourism in the Republic of Croatia and the work of the CROSTO Observatory can be found on the web pages of CROSTO website.