First milestone reached - Local Stakeholder Platforms


Partners of NewPilgrimAge (NPA) project have organized their first Local Stakeholder Platforms (LSP).  The Change Drivers driving change through LSP, a process by which a community looks 2-5 years ahead and makes plans for its sustainable future exploiting its Cultural Heritage, primarily linked to the St. Martin legacy.

In practice partners engaged various stakeholders (representatives of education institutions, art and cultural associations, NGOs, social partners, sectoral associations, enterprises, Church, etc.). During the first LSP partners gathered local stakeholders for presenting them the project rationale and objectives, as well the activities to be undertaken with them throughout the project lifetime. LSP gave an opportunity of having representatives of the community sitting together, reflecting on the opportunity given by the NPA project, get to know the Change Driver and engage in a participative process resulting in a common strategic local vision and roadmap.

If you interested how this worked out IN PRACTICE, read the experiences from Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia, here: 
Reports on setting up Local Stakeholder Platform (LSP)

Text: Emese Nánási
Photo credit: Forest Communicator Network