First pilot, first results

Early indications show: Half of the energy needed to run the Ottakring underground station comes from solar power around midday. Pilot project set to run for another 18 months.

As part of its Greener Linien environmental efforts, Wiener Linien launched a unique pilot
project in autumn 2019: The first-time installation of special photovoltaic films by Wien
Energie on the roof of the underground station in the Ottakring district. The power generated
will be used on-site to operate lighting, escalators and elevators. The films are five times
lighter than conventional photovoltaic systems. “Today is not just any Sunday, it’s the Day of
the Sun. And we are using this to produce clean energy. We are striving to ensure that our
city becomes even more environmentally friendly. Public transport is already only responsible
for 1% of the environmental footprint of Vienna and therefore plays a key role along the way
to making Vienna a paragon of urban climate protection,” says City Councillor for Public
Transport, Ulli Sima.

Track record after six months: 50% of the station’s power is already generated from
solar energy during peak periods

After the first six months, the achievements are already impressive: The PV installation
currently produces energy for around 14 hours a day. During the midday hours, this means
that 50% of the energy requirements of the entire station can be covered. “This pilot project
is allowing us to test the latest technologies and save even more energy. Since the Sun
doesn’t send us a bill, the power is not only good for the climate but also good for our
budget,” says Wiener Linien General Manager, Günter Steinbauer.

This pilot project is being supported by the EU’s EfficienCE project. The data captured from
the PV foils over the next 18 months will be carefully stored and analysed.

The video can be watched HERE.

Photo credit: Wiener Linien