The Focus IN CD project, related to the improvement of celiac disease management in Central Europe, ended in June 2019. All closing activities were finalized until December 2019.

We are very happy to fulfil all the plans and delivered a lot of excellent results to influence changes and to foster innovation and improvement of knowledge and skills of patients and health care professionals in celiac disease management. Our activities and results contributed to the improvement of health care sector capacities and were tailored to patient needs. The project contributed to the main result of the programme to raise the quality of life of celiac disease patients and to make Central Europe a better place to live.

All most important outputs are published at the project website: https://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/Focus-IN-CD.html

You can find the e-tools for patients and healthcare professionals, assessment of celiac disease management, all project publications and pilot results as well as policy recommendations to foster political changes and to improve quality of life of celiac disease patients.






If you need further information, please contact the lead partner: jasmina.dolinsek@maribor.si

We have been a great team. Without your help we could not succeed. On behalf of the lead partner, I’d like to sincerely express our appreciation for the efforts, project partners and JS project manager Chiara Casarella as well as JS financial manager Mirjana Dominović have put in the project. We look forward to another successful project in the future.”

End of the project means not the end of the Focus IN CD activities. Partners are still disseminating project results; we are presenting the achievements and transferring the results to the countries not participating in the project.