Focus IN CD project application for European Health Award 2017 submitted successfully

The European Health Award honours projects and initiatives aiming to improve public health or healthcare in Europe. It was established in 2007 to promote cross-border cooperation, multi-country working and the development of transferable initiatives which address current challenges such as disparities in health status, access to services and the provision of treatment within Europe.

Projects being nominated must already be in its implementation phase, applicants should be able to provide some preliminary results, the initiative must be implemented in at least two European countries and should focus on public health and address an important threat to the health of the population in terms of prevention or health promotion, improving quality of care or access to care or through increased efficiency or cost-effectiveness, The initiative should be innovative and sustainable and should have the potential to be transferable to other countries.

The winner of the European Health Award will be selected by the jury panel in September 2017, the Award will be presented at the European Health Forum Gastein in October 2017.

Let us cross our fingers.