Focus IN CD team Munich goes Berlin

On Friday 22nd Feb 2019, they conducted a knowledge transfer workshop together with the team of paediatric gastroenterologists at the Charité university children’s hospital (Campus Virchow). In this workshop, they presented and discussed the already available online-course for patients, the other upcoming e-tools and mainly the German pilot project, which does not only comprise the transition
workshop for adolescents with celiac disease (please find more information on this workshop here but also the new celiac passport. The colleagues in Berlin appreciated our project outcomes and will immediately start to disseminate the online-course for patients among their parents, will take advantage of the celiac passport as soon as it’s printed and will also investigate their settings in how to conduct a similar workshop – using our materials as templates – for their own adolescent patients.
Thanks to the team from the Paediatric Gastro-Unit of the Charité for taking their time to discuss the project with us and taking over our tools!
On Friday 23 Feb 2019, the Munich team presented the whole Focus IN CD project at the doctor- patient seminar which was conducted by the team of Prof. Siegmund and Dr. Schumann from the adult gastroenterology Unit of the Charité (Campus Benjamin Franklin) together with the Berlin group of the German Celiac Disease Society (DZG). Approximately 150 participants (mainly patients
or parents from children with celiac disease) were very interested in the presentation and also very enthusiastic to discuss the project in the lunch break with Katharina and Anne. Many of them were also willing to complete a short paper questionnaire to the get their opinion about the project – we thank all participants for the overall very positive feedback and the helpful hints and suggestions and
the organisers for the possibility to present the project!