»Mentoring service for newly diagnosed patients« - pilot event In Maribor (21.10.2017)

We are putting (chronic) patient into a center, for which self-management is a very important issue to leave independent and a high quality life. To achieve this goal, we have to offer a comprehensive education model as well as health care service.

Educational pilot project event in a frame of »Mentoring service for newly diagnosed patients« was held last Saturday in Maribor in organization and cooperation of Municipality of Maribor, Slovenian celiac society, University medical center Maribor and E-zavod from Ptuj.

Almost 70 newly diagnosed patients and mentors attended the event which took place at “Izobraževalni center Piramida Maribor”.

We presented the Focus IN CD project, comprehensive celiac disease management model, which is one the main aims of the project. Our professionals gave lectures about the facts of celiac disease (doc. dr. Jernej Dolinšek, dr. med), about a gluten-free diet (mag. Aja Kocuvan Mijatov), about a psychosocial aspects of living with chronic disease (Jernej, Vidmar, univ. dipl. psih.) and about the rights of chronic patients and financial incentives available to chronic patients (Simona Ornik). Cooperation is crucial, Inflammatory bowel disease society President Ms. Mateja Saje, presented a very well organized educational concept of their society. A video tutorial »How to rearrange gluten-free kitchen« was prepared and presented by »FERI« students’ Špela, Domen and Patrik. After the lectures session, we tasted a safe glute-free pumpkin soup and homemade gluten-free bread, backed by Ms. Majda Jurše, who took care also of the basic bread baking workshop for new patients, which was organized in the afternoon.

The third part of the startup self-management event »A gluten-free shopping« will be organized on Thursday, 26. October 2017. Main topics: how to choose and buy safe gluten free products, how to read the declarations, how to recognize the traps and avoid future problems. New patients will be mentored by Simona Ornik.

All activities in a frame of pilot activity will hopefully led to a new social innovation service, offered permanently by celiac societies, Slovenian celiac society and Celiac society from Novo mesto. Our partner societies from Budapest and Rijeka will join us at later stage and probably adapt and adjust new service to their needs.