XXVIII. Meeting of paediatricians and paediatric nurses in Maribor

At the traditional XXVIII. Meeting of paediatricians and paediatric nurses in Maribor that was organized at the Habakuk Congress Center in Maribor last weekend, we paid special attention to the Coeliac disease and the Focus IN CD project. We presented data on the awareness and knowledge about coeliac disease among healthcare professionals in Slovenia, which shows that a significant proportion of the participants does not have adequate knowledge about the disease. At the same time, we again presented current guidelines for the treatment of patients with celiac disease to the audience.

About 400 doctors, nurses and medical technicians and other health care professionals from Slovenia took part in the meeting. A copy of the Coeliac disease brochure for HCPs that was prepared in the framework of the project was presented to all participants. This brochure is also available electronically on the Focus IN CD website.

At the same time, we organized another endoscopic workshop. Workshop was attended by 15 participants from Slovenian hospitals, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Maribor and the company Olympus, the leading endoscope manufacturer, who with great interest trained in endoscopic procedures on an excellent esophagogastroduodenoscopy simulator, which we purchased within the project.