Pilot Managers present the pilot sites

The 3rd meeting within the ForHeritage partnership, organised by the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, took place on the 26th of January 2021. Instead of getting to know the rich cultural heritage in Ljubljana live, the meeting has been organised on-line. The partnership discussed on the progress in the four pilot locations where the managers of cultural heritage buildings will test the ForHeritage tools for better management and financing of cultural heritage. 

Pilot sites are in the following Central European cities:

  • Cuneo in Italy - Palazzo Santa Croce
  • Ljubljana in Slovenia - Vodnik Homestead
  • Rijeka in Croatia - Rikard Benčić complex
  • Szczecin in Poland - Pomeranian Dukes' Castle

During the meeting managers had the opportunity to exchange their experiences and learn about planned activities in other cities.

We would like to thank all presenters during the meeting: Lilijana Madjar, Nataša Mršol and Karin Močnik from the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region – RRA LUR (Slovenia),  Dominika Klekot from the Westpomerania Region (Poland), Damjan Kavaš and Nika Murovec from the Institute for Economic Research (Slovenia), Damian Garecki from the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle in Szczecin (Poland), Tina Popovič from Divja misel (Slovenia), Ivan Šarar from the City of Rijeka (Croatia) and Elisa Marino from the Municipality of Cuneo (Italy).

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