Framwat project seminar during the RAINMAN Conference

Hungary Group

On 20 March a Framwat project seminar during the RAINMAN Conference was held in Hungary.

The seminar was focused on the issue of application of Natural and Small Water Retention Measures for flood and drought mitigations. Concept of the NWRM was discussed and how feasible they are to be included into RBMPs.

First the focus of the FramWat project was explained, what are the challenges and expected outcome. After that a brief introduction into what NSWRMs are, what are their benefits and future challenges for better integration into water management was presented. Next presented valorization method (FroGIS) which is developed and tested by FramWat partners and Afterwards explained the Concept Note. At the end presented different dynamic models that partners are testing in their pilot catchments.

After the presentations there was a discussion.


Concept plan of  N(S)WRM planning

Framwat - Project objectives and expetced results

Valorization tool to support NSWRM

Hydraulic and Hydrological models - tools to assess N(S)WRM for flood and drought mitigations

Small retention Big deal

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